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Katrina Rainsford, Candidate for Lowan


Rainsford's Vision - FOUR Rs

Roads, Rails, Rates and Repopulate our Rural Communities

Fix the Roads, Return Passenger Rail, Rein in Rates and Repopulate our Rural Communities

My vision for Lowan is increasing population and employment, a real plan for growth, where we enjoy roads of the standard as the rest of Victoria, our communities are connected back into the Passenger Rail service that is provided to the rest of Victoria, our Shire Rates stop increasing beyond our ability to pay and State and Federal Governments stop cost shifting down to Local Government.


A vibrant food and fibre producing and value adding Lowan ecomony.

That the people demand not to be taken for granted as being coalition supporters who don't need the same services as the rest of the State.

Dr Katrina Rainsford


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