Oct 19, 2016

Letter to the Editor - It's not Cox St versus Gray Street

If you support a heavy truck route outside of the Hamilton CBD then you support Cox Street redevelopment. Here is why:


Letter to the Editor
Its not Cox St versus Gray Street
19 October 2016
If you support a heavy truck route outside of the Hamilton CBD then you support Cox Street redevelopment. Here is why.

  1. Vicroads have an easement along the front of blocks along the East of Cox St., something like 15 metres they can assume at any time. Its on the titles. Holding up development.
  2. No land holder will invest in the improvement of the front of their blocks whilst this potential road widening easement is in place. Hence the shabby look of the entrance to the CBD along Cox Street which is also part of the CBD.
  3. The decision to support a heavy truck route away from the CBD in the Hamilton Masterplan gave certainty in planning. Vicroads can now remove the easement and sell the land reserved for roadway. The first plan was written in 1968 decades ago. Are council candidates seriously running an argument to do nothing in Cox Street?
  4. There is only $300,000 allocated in this next budget subject to getting 2 for 1 funding ie $600,000 in State government funding to kick off the project.  Councillors making the case against any work on Cox Street have wasted far more money than this in their decisions over the last four years. And the State Government is spending much much more everywhere else.
  5. The potential business development, landscaping and parking along Cox Street will provide the fresh face and vitality which will help with whole CBD and Southern Grampians Shire economy. Thats why its called the Front Door Project.
  6. Its not Cox St versus Gray St. Or even Hamilton versus the rest of the Shire. In a 40 million dollar budget a proactive functional council can get this project started as well as attend to the many infrastructure and service needs across the whole Shire.

And I also believe there is the potential for a partnership with Vicroads/State government to progress the project which could have major savings over the whole project where Council is the lead developer with a long term contract reducing the final cost to ratepayers.

Katrina Rainsford
256 Melville Forest Rd
Cavendish Vic 3314
Southern Grampians Shire Council candidate

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